Organizations across the globe are outsourcing non-strategic but critical resource consuming processes with objectives to manage cost, manage risk and accelerate growth.

Outsourcing is contracting with another company or person to do a particular function. Almost every organization outsources in some way. Typically, the function being outsourced is considered core or non-core to the business.

Outsourcing has been around as long as work specialization has existed, in recent history; companies began employing the outsourcing model to carry out broad functions.

The process of outsourcing generally encompasses four stages:

  1. Strategic thinking, to develop the organization's philosophy about the role of outsourcing in its activities;
  2. Evaluation and selection, to decide on the appropriate outsourcing projects and potential locations for the work to be done and service providers to do it;
  3. Contract development, to work out the legal, pricing and service level agreement terms; and
  4. Outsourcing management or governance, to refine the ongoing working relationship between the client and outsourcing service providers.

Outsourcing of manpower has become a common practice with companies nowadays. There is always a requirement of professionally qualified and skilled staff in any organization. With the increasing demands of the industry, there is not enough time to get into the complexities of selecting a candidate. This is where an outsourcing of manpower comes in.

Organizations both large and small are largely hiring companies to provide them with outsourced manpower. They no longer want to get into the hassles and the long process of recruiting.

Companies providing outsource of manpower take care of everything for their clients. They will browse through loads of profiles, short-list candidates, call them, test their skills according to the specified requirement and then pass them on to their clients. There are certain skills that are required for this kind of work. A professional should have excellent communication skills, the ability to judge people, a good power of understanding and grasping. It is only then that he or she can select candidates for its clients.

Carefirst has a team of efficient and experienced people who have excelled in outsourcing manpower according to the requirements of their clients. Their effort is to benefit both the client and the candidate with a position which is up to the mark for both.

Carefirst overseas offices undertake similar outsourcing contracts in various countries and staffs are employed by our payroll.